About this blog…

So far I’ve made only a handful of posts… I’ve gained a handful of likes and a handful of followers.

I look forward to hearing feedback from readers and engaging in conversation with users from all over cyberspace.

So about this blog…

This blog will continue to contain random, unassorted thoughts that I feel compelled to talk about.  I state in the small blurb that these will be discussions of science, race, and society.  This is true, I may speak most about these themes because these are my interests, but in reality I will talk about anything I want to.  I may want to talk about Disney’s The Lion King one day, I may want to talk about rum raisin ice cream, who knows?

I would usually post all of my thoughts on Facebook, but I decided to move away from that and I want to make longer, blog-like, quality posts.

Of course, since this blog isn’t themed I do not expect to gain too large of a following, but I prefer quality over quantity.  No one will agree on any one thing, since this blog is so diverse, if you follow, there are some things you will agree with and some things you will not agree with and that is okay.

Feel free to share your thoughts!



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