I like nice people!


Perhaps I am wrong and this is just my perception, but I feel like an anomaly in that I value Nice people.

Of course you’re thinking “I like nice people too! Everyone likes nice people.”

Yes, everyone prefers people being nice to them, but I actually like nice people.

I feel like most people, when looking for friendships, look for things like social status, or they prefer aligning themselves with someone popular or good looking, placing less value on how “nice” someone is, but to me, it is the opposite. While I value other things like commonalities and a good sense of humor in friends, I like people who are kind and polite.

Like I said, maybe this is just my perception, but I don’t see too many people valuing “niceness” nowadays. It is like nice people get used and pushed to the side.

So I am saying this… Nice people, I see you, and I value you! More than the rich kids or those that are considered “cool.”


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