Judge sentences 2 people convicted in confederate flag confrontation

S DOUGLAS CONFEDERATE FLAG FOLO 12P_00.00.46.08_1488216131388_2821109_ver1.0_640_360.png


Just wanted to share this story and say that I am ecstatic!!!  I say with as coldness and callousness as humanly possible, that I am glad their lives are ruined and I hope they suffer every single one of their days in prison.

And I must add that their crocodile tears only add insult to injury. They are sad that they did something stupid, got caught, and will suffer the consequences, yet they pretend that their sadness is for what they did to the kids.  As if they just happened to grow a conscious out of the blue.

In any case, I am surprised to see such a fair ruling in the United States of Amerikkka. Every once in a while, privilege fails and justice is served. If rulings like this were the norm, it would cut back on a lot of nonsense that occurs within the U.S.

Human being still behave with a reward-punishment mindset.  In many cases, if one CAN get away with something they WILL do it!

These moronic individuals probably thought that they would get away with their crime (or perhaps a slap on the wrist), however, it seems as if this judge chose to make an example out of them.  If they got away with it, it would encourage fellow racists to commit those actions.  However, now that they were severely punished, fellow racist onlookers will refrain from doing such things.  Perhaps one day rulings like this will be more common and crimes like this will (naturally) reduce.



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